Streamline your employee benefits with mednefits

Features for all your custom employee benefits management needs on a cloud-based platform.


create benefits that fit your organisation

Customise employee benefits without the additional workload and costs. Create benefits plans that fit your company culture and improve employee experience.


cashless payments instantly recorded

Employees can scan and pay with their digital mobile app at panel clinics. Transactions will be automatically recorded – plus, no need to claim!

mednefits customers spend 90% less time with benefits onboarding, tracking claims, and managing benefits.

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fund your benefits with mednefits cards

Select among 3 digital cards to fund your corporate benefits account (each card comes with perks for your business needs!)


out of our panel? you can still claim!

Employees can still submit non-panel claims digitally with their mobile app for company approval.


get better benefits with mednefits

Get in touch with a benefits specialist today for a no-obligations demo and custom quotation!

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in case you have some questions

What is the cost to join mednefits? Is it really free?

Yes, Mednefits is a free platform to manage employee medical benefits. There are no set up costs, subscriptions, or hidden fees. Mednefits members have access to a wide array of health and wellness providers, which companies can choose for their employees to visit.

How is Mednefits different from insurance?

Mednefits is an employee medical benefits platform that pools businesses together and connects them directly to healthcare providers. The platform enables employers to provide flexible benefits and provides an alternative to outpatient insurance.

Is my organization eligible to join Mednefits?

A minimum of 3 employees is required to join Mednefits.

How many medical providers are within Mednefits’ panel?

Mednefits members have access to over 1,500+ GP clinics islandwide in Singapore and Malaysia. Members have access to Healthway, AcuMed, OneCare, Parkway Shenton, Access Medical, Q&M medical clinics, and more. There are over 2,000+ healthcare providers in Singapore and Malaysia, with new providers joining each week.

Can I cancel my Mednefits corporate account anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime throughout the year. Any remaining amount sitting in your corporate account on the platform will be refunded.