Why PolicyStreet SME+?

Wondering how to keep your employees productive whilst taking care of their well-being? See how our employee benefit coverage helps you save instantly! Under PolicyStreet SME+, it is simple to get covered under this plan.

As low as RM49 per month per employee

RM50,000 life and medical coverage for all employees

High coverage

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Why PolicyStreet SME+?

  • As low as RM49 per month per employee
  • Annual limit up to RM80,000
  • No waiting period, full coverage against COVID-19
  • RM50,000 life insurance for all employees
  • Payment-free hospital admission
  • Nationwide access to 127 panel hospitals and 1816 panel clinics
  • Optional spouse and child(ren) coverage
  • Optional outpatient coverage
  • Simple onboarding process
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SME+ is available to:


With 5 – 150 employees


Between 16 – 65 years old


Spouse is between 16 – 65 years old. Children must be 15 days old to 19 or 23 years old next birthday if he/she is studying in a full time tertiary institution



How do I buy SME+ ?


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1) What is SME+ ?

SME+ is a comprehensive employee benefit plan suitable for employees and dependents of SMEs. Firstly, it pays for hospital bills. If your employees are admitted or warded at a hospital, SME+ will cover your employees. It also pays life insurance payout upon the death of an employee. Optional outpatient coverage is available for outpatient GP/specialist visits.

2) What illness does SME+ cover?

SME+ covers almost any illness, disease, medical condition or accident. SME+ also covers COVID-19.

3) What hospitalization services are covered by SME+ ?

SME+ covers the following hospitalization procedures:

  • Pre- and post-hospitalization consultation and diagnostics
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)X-ray and MRI scans
  • Treatment and Surgery
  • Prescription drugs(medicine)
  • Ambulance
  • Room & Board
4) What is the Room & Board limit?

SME+ provides coverage for hospital Room & Board for both RM150 and RM250 per day. If your employees choose a room higher than their limit, they just need to pay the difference.

There is annual maximum limit of 180 days for Room & Board accommodation.

5) How to buy SME+ ?

SME+ is available for online quotation at www.policystreet.com/SME SME+ process:

  1. Go to www.policystreet.com/SME
  2. Enter your company info
  3. Select your desired coverage
  4. Confirm coverage
  5. Complete documentations
  6. Make payment
  7. Done!

Our employee benefits team will reach out to you within 48 hours. Upon complete documentation and payment received, you will receive your policy within 3 working days, and medical cards delivery within 14 working days.

6) When can my employees use the medical card?

Your employee can use the medical card immediately. There is no waiting period for accidents, medical conditions and specified illness.

7) Do my employees need to pay first if admitted to hospital?

If your employees go to an AmMetLife panel hospital administered by Third Party Administrator IHP, they won’t have to pay. Just present their Medical Card and AmMetLife will settle the bill directly with the hospital. If your employees go to a non-panel hospital, they need to pay the bill first and then make a claim with AmMetLife to get reimbursement.

Note: Some hospitals may require a deposit that your employees will need to pay on their own first. The deposit is refundable by the hospital.

8) What are the documents to be submitted?

a) Application form
b) Letter of undertaking
c) Polisea’s Appointment letter
d) Form 9, Form 24, Form 49
e) Employee’s personal health declaration form (for companies sized between 5 – 19 employees)
f) Employee listing
g) IC copy of authorised signatory

Click here for the list of AmMetLife and IHP’s panel hospitals and clinics.